America (USA) Freight Forwarding

Freight from USA to the UK

KG Logistics offer a comprehensive freight forwarding service to help our clients import and export from the USA.

Our sea and air freight services include: part load (LCL), full load (FCL) and all air freight for both commercial and general public clients.

Our specialised break bulk team can arrange both ex works and FOB shipments for all larger out of gauge cargo. We can arrange any type of air freight shipping on a door to door basis, whether your shipment is of utmost urgency or it requires a full charter of an aircraft.

The USA contributes over 26% of total world consumption, and so it’s no surprise that the freight industry is crucial to its economy. It is important to choose the best port to ship from, considering location, cost and transit time. Some of the key USA ports and airports include:

East coast: New York, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Charleston, Savannah, and Miami.

Gulf of Mexico: New Orleans, Galveston, and Houston.

West coast: Long Beach, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland.

USA Freight Forwarding
KG Logistics Air Freight

Air freight

Air freight is ideal for importing a modest amount of goods, as it is the fastest but most expensive option. It should take approximately eight days to do so, depending on the freight forwarder. Some of the key airports for freight solutions include:

Chicago O’Hare: Each year over 1.8 million tonnes of cargo were shipped from here, with the potential to accommodate 15 wide-bodied cargo aircrafts simultaneously.

New York JFK: Occupying a 21 square-kilometre site with four runways, this is the number one international air freight gateway in the US with close to 100 carriers operating out of the airport.

Denver: The largest airport in North America and the second-largest in the world, with cargo teams handling 230,000 tonnes of cargo every year.

KG Logistics Sea Freight

Sea freight

This is one of the most advantageous transport solutions for importers/exporters to and from USA. While it is slower than rail or air freight, it is more cost effective and especially in the case of large shipments. You will need to decide between LCL or LCL ocean shipping:

LCL shipping: This is the better option if your consignment is small, with no more than six standard pallets. Likewise, this is most appropriate for freight that can safely share a shipping container with other goods, and that aren’t urgently required in the UK.

FCL shipping: This shipping option is best if your cargo has to be in the UK by a certain date, and if your goods may be damaged if handled or moved too often.

KG Logistics Rail Freight

Rail freight

In comparison to sea freight, rail transport is more expensive yet a much faster solution.

KG Logistics Road Freight

Road freight

Road freight shipping is a flexible and economical option, with goods being transported via long-haul deliveries by lorries.

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We provide a comprehensive range of transportation services and we always ensure that our solutions are cost effective and efficient. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to constantly provide reliable sea, air and road freight services from the UK to countries all over the world and we have now become one of the UK’s leading freight forwarding specialists.

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