South America Freight Forwarding

South America Freight Forwarding

KG Logistics offer a comprehensive freight forwarding service to help clients import and export from South America.

Our sea and air freight services include part load (LCL), full load (FCL) and all air freight for commercial and general public clients.

KG Logistics also provide a roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) service. This is a method of loading and unloading the cargo in which it is driven onto and off the transportation using a ramp.

We can arrange ex-works and FOB shipments depending on our client’s requirements. Our specialised breakbulk team can arrange ex-works and FOB shipments for all larger out-of-gauge cargo. We can arrange any type of air freight shipping on a door-to-door basis, whether your shipment is of utmost urgency or it requires a full charter of an aircraft.

South America is an important continent for the shipping industry. The area is rich in natural resources such as oil, minerals and agricultural products. It is also strategically located between North America, Europe and Asia and so serves several important transit points for cargo moving between these regions.

Some of the most significant shipping ports across South America include:

Santos Port: Located in Brazil, it is the busiest port in South America and one of the largest in the world.

Buenos Aires Port: The second-largest port in South America and the main port in the country of Argentina.

Callao Port: Situated in Peru, it is the largest and most important port in the country.

Valparaiso Port: The largest and most important port on the Pacific coast of South America.

Itajaí-Açu Port: Located in Brazil, it is one of the most important ports for container traffic in Brazil.

Montevideo Port: The largest and most important port in Uruguay.

Santos, Brazil in South America
KG Logistics Air Freight

Air freight

Air freight is ideal for importing a modest amount of goods, as it is the fastest but most expensive option.

KG Logistics Sea Freight

Sea freight

This is one of the most advantageous transport solutions for importers/exporters. While it is slower than rail or air freight, it is more cost-effective and especially in the case of large shipments.

KG Logistics Rail Freight

Rail freight

In comparison to sea freight, rail transport is more expensive yet a much faster solution.

KG Logistics Road Freight

Road freight

Road freight shipping is a flexible and economical option, with goods being transported via long-haul deliveries by lorries.

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