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We can provide expertly managed import solutions to a wide range of countries. No matter how complex the project, our 35 years of combined experience will ensure it’s delivered to a high standard and within your specified timeframe.

Export Freight Services

What is Import Freight?

Import freight refers to the transportation of goods or cargo from a country into a domestic market. It concerns the movement of goods across international borders, facilitated by logistics companies such as KG Logistics.

Import freight can include a wide range of goods, including raw materials, finished products, and equipment, and can be transported by various modes of transportation such as sea, air, or land.

Main trading lanes

Freight from Australia to the UK


Freight from China to the UK


Freight from Turkey to the UK


Freight from USA to the UK


North America

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We provide a comprehensive range of transportation services and we always ensure that our solutions are cost effective and efficient. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to constantly provide reliable sea, air and road freight services from the UK to countries all over the world and we have now become one of the UK’s leading freight forwarding specialists.

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