Saudi Arabia Freight Forwarding

Saudi Arabia Freight Forwarding

KG Logistics offer a comprehensive freight forwarding service to help clients export from Saudi Arabia.

Our sea and air freight services include part load (LCL), full load (FCL) and all air freight for commercial and general public clients.

KG Logistics also provide a roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) service. This is a method of loading and unloading the cargo in which it is driven onto and off the transportation using a ramp.

We can arrange ex-works and FOB shipments depending on our client’s requirements. Our specialised breakbulk team can arrange ex-works and FOB shipments for all larger out-of-gauge cargo. We can arrange any type of air freight shipping on a door-to-door basis, whether your shipment is of utmost urgency or it requires a full charter of an aircraft.

Saudi Arabia is an important country for freight forwarding due to its strategic location, at the crossroads of several major trade routes. This includes the Red Sea, the Gulf, and the Indian Ocean, allowing for transportation between Asia, Europe and Africa. As one of the largest producers and exporters of oil and gas, there is a significant demand for logistics services to support this industry.

Some of the major ports in Saudi Arabia include:

King Abdulaziz Port: The largest port in the Arabian Gulf, handling a significant portion of Saudi Arabia’s imports and exports.

Jeddah Islamic Port: Located in Jeddah, this is the biggest port in the Red Sea and a major gateway for goods entering and leaving Saudi Arabia.

Jubail Commercial Port: Situated on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia and handles a significant amount of petrochemical exports.

Yanbu Commercial Port: An important export hub for petrochemicals and minerals, located in Yanbu.

King Fahd Industrial Port: This port is located adjacent to the Yanbu Commercial Port and specialises in handling bulk cargo and containers.

Duba Port: Located in northwest Saudi Arabia on the coast of the Red Sea. The main port city associated with the NEOM Project.

Saudi Arabia Freight Export

How long does it take to ship to Saudi Arabia from the UK?

It takes approximately one week to ship via air cargo from the UK to Saudi Arabia.

Shipping Costs from UK to Saudi Arabia

The most cost-effective method of shipping to Saudi Arabia is through part-load container shipping. However, it’s important to note that certain items may be difficult to find in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, when you factor in the expenses of sourcing and replacing smaller items once they arrive, it often works out cheaper and more convenient to ship a larger quantity of goods. We determine part-load shipping costs from the UK to Saudi Arabia based on the size of your shipment and the space it occupies within the container.

Project Neom

Neom & The Port of Duba

KG Logistics provide a premium sea freight service to help clients export from Saudi Arabia’s Duba Port, which is now managed by the company Neom.

Neom is Saudi Arabia’s $500 billion mega-project, which is being developed as a special economic zone in the northwestern region of the country. It is set to contain numerous cities, resorts, and other developments, with an aim to become a hub for innovation, technology, and sustainable living.

The management and operation of the Port of Duba was transferred to Neom by the Saudi Ports Authority (SPA) as of August 1st, 2022. The Port is a vital gateway for trade and commerce in the region and is anticipated to play a crucial role in Neom’s development. In line with the development of the cross-border city, the Saudi government has declared its intention to enhance and expand the Port of Duba, increasing its efficiency and capacity to accommodate the expected growth in shipping and trade.

KG Logistics Air Freight

Air freight

Air freight is ideal for importing a modest amount of goods, as it is the fastest but most expensive option.

KG Logistics Sea Freight

Sea freight

This is one of the most advantageous transport solutions for importers/exporters. While it is slower than rail or air freight, it is more cost-effective and especially in the case of large shipments.

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