What Are The Main Shipping Ports From Turkey?

Turkey's shipping port, Mersin

Currently there are around 50 shipping ports being used in Turkey, however only 5 of these shipping ports specialise in receiving shipping containers. Here is our comprehensive guide for all logistics covering shipping ports in Turkey.

Why shipping from Turkey is a fantastic alternative

Although it still holds the title as one of the most significant places to ship from, China has been experiencing some issues in regard to high levels of shipping congestion and rapid increase of costs.

Turkey is a fantastic alternative to shipping from China, with a competitive freight rate and quicker transit times making it a very popular choice for many logistic companies and their customers. The quickest of these transit times would be via sea and road, as for example the port-to-port travelling time from Gemlik to Felixstowe is 9-10 days. Some of the key goods being transported include furniture, concrete, patio slabs, ceramics, and other similar items. KG Logistics offer a comprehensive door-to-door and customs cleared import freight forwarding service to help clients import from Turkey.

Shipping ports in Turkey


Two of Turkey’s main shipping ports lie within the region of Istanbul. The first of these is known as Haydarpasa, and up until recently was the largest port in the whole of the country. Situated on the shore of the Sea of Marmara Haydarpasa with 18 berths, it is still a thriving port offering facilities including a 55,000m2 container and terminal along with stuffing, unstuffing, and custom clearance services located within.

Haydarpasa also boats a 250-ton floating crane, three tugboats, two mooring boats, and three rail ferries, along with a grain solo holding up to 34,000 tons. Haydarpasa is also well served by the rail ferry terminal that runs between Haydarpasa and Sirkeci.


The newer of the two main ports in Istanbul, Ambarlı is also the most popular. Situated on the Sea of Maramara’s northern shore it serves the greater Istanbul area.

Ambarlı is made up of three container terminals Kumport, Mardasport, and Marport. Marport, with a capacity of 1 705 962 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) is the main terminal used.


Another of the main Turkey shipping ports that logistics specialists need to be aware of is Izmir. Located on the west coast of Turkey, Izmir has a capacity of around 9 million tons and boasts 7 births! It also deals with a range of cargo types and is well connected to Turkey’s highway system and rail network.

Izmir also has an impressive range of facilities on offer including 24-berth capacity, 200-ton floating crane, 5 40-ton gantry cranes, 9 shore cranes, and 14 mobile cranes. Izmir also offers over 200, 000 m2 of storage yards, and a warehouse for hazardous cargo. Izmir even offers restoration work such as deck, metalworking, and engine repair.


Another of the main ports in Turkey to consider is Mersin. A relatively newly constructed port, Mersin builds on a long-held tradition of trading goods from overseas, present in the area since the Neolithic period.

Mersin is also the largest port in Turkey that specialises in containers with 26 berths. Located in southeast Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea, southeast Mersin is well connected to the rest of Turkey and the world via the Istanbul-Baghdad railway and by ferry to Cyprus.


The final of the main ports in Turkey to consider is Gemlik. The port of Gemlik is located on the southeastern shore of the Sea of Marmara, on the tip of the Gulf of Gemlik. Gemlik can handle over 330,000 TEU containers and is most well-known for exporting cars world-wide.

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