International Freight Forwarding: The Complete Guide

KG Logistics offer International Freight Forwarding Services

Are you thinking of using a freight forwarder for your business import and export needs? If you’re unsure whether or not you need a freight forwarder company to help with the transportation of your goods, then take a look at our comprehensive guide.

Freight forwarding overview

What is a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a company that specialises in transportation logistics on behalf of shippers. They oversee the packing, movement of cargo, documentation, and customs clearance on behalf of importers and exporters. They do not move the goods, but rather represent intermediaries, using existing relationships to negotiate the lowest prices for their customers.

What processes are involved in freight forwarding?

Some of the key responsibilities a freight forwarder will be involved with include:

  • Finding and planning the most appropriate transportation routes, methods, and carriers.
  • Completing the customers clearance process. The import/export will need documenting and clearing on entering a country. Your freight forwarder will have the expertise to navigate this for you.
  • Preparing the necessary trade documentation and licenses.
  • Storage and packing goods may also be handled by the freight forwarders.


International trade documentation

It is essential for a freight forwarder to organise the correct documentation to be used in the import/export process. First, during the preparation to move goods, the freight forwarder must receive clear instructions in writing from the importer or exporters. Other documents provided by the importer/exporter include invoices, licenses, and packing lists. Alongside this, each mode of transport has its own document of carriage, such as the air waybill for air freight or the bill of lading for sea freight.

Benefits: Why use a freight forwarder?

While it is possible for businesses to organise their entire shipment process themselves, a freight forwarder can provide expert knowledge and experience to those that are not confident or that do not have the time to manage it.

  • Speed: experienced freight forwarders will be able to find the fastest routes and best freight methods.
  • Cost saving: investing in a good freight forwarder will save you money as they will have existing connections to find the most cost effective routes and solutions.
  • Expertise: this is particularly useful for businesses that are not familiar with international trade or the freight forwarding process.
  • Trust: the transportation process can be a daunting one, so having the support of a freight forwarder will make the experience as stress-free as possible for you.

Shipping Port, Sea Freight

International Freight Forwarding with KG Logistics

KG Logistics can provide you with an expertly managed import and export solution to a wide range of countries. Whatever the project, our 35 years of combined experience will allow us to deliver to a high standard and within your specified timeframe. Our main trading lines include:


China has 7 out of 10 of the world’s largest shipping ports. In order maintain the country’s vast import and export demand, they have 34 major ports and over 2000 smaller ones. KG Logistics provide sea freight shipping from China to the UK, which can take up to 6 weeks (between 35 and 42 days). Air freight can take between 3 and 4 days as part of a transhipment, or 1 day direct. Rail and road freight are other reliable options taking between 18-24 and 14-16 days respectively.


With 200 ports and piers across Turkey, there are 3 main shipping ports that KG Logistics operate to and form: Mersin, Gemlik, and Istanbul. Sea freight transit times are similar to those of road freight – with port to port being around 8-9 days and door to door being 14-16 days.


With the USA contributing over 26% of total world consumption, the freight industry is unsurprisingly crucial to its economy. Air freight is the most ideal transport for importing a modest amount of goods, as it is the fastest option at just 1 day direct. Sea freight is the slowest option but it is the most cost effective and particularly so if the shipment is large.


Australia’s South Pacific location makes it an important country for international shipping. Some of the country’s key shipping ports include Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Darwin. Sea fright takes approximately 40 days port to port, depending on the specific location. For example, Sydney takes roughly 55 days while Brisbane is 62 days.

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