China Freight Forwarding

Freight from China to the UK

KG Logistics offer a comprehensive freight forwarding service to help our clients import from China.

Our sea and air freight services include: part load (LCL), full load (FCL) and all air freight for both commercial and general public clients.

We can walk you through your shipment on a step by step basis if this is the first time you are importing from China. If required, we can arrange ex works and FOB shipments depending on clients requirements. Our specialised break bulk team can arrange ex works and FOB shipments for all larger out of gauge cargo.

We have partners in China that can deal with our customers needs – from making the original contact, arranging necessary export paperwork, and shipping. Once your shipment arrives at its port of destination we can arrange customs clearance and delivery to its final destination if required.

China possesses seven out of ten of the world’s biggest and busiest shipping ports. In order to keep up with the country’s import and export demand, they have a total of 34 major ports and over 2000 smaller ones. Without these shipping ports, the country would not be able to develop at the rate it is developing. Some of the key China shipping ports include:

Shanghai: The world’s largest port since 2010, located on the Yangtze River delta, sees 42 million TEU pass through it every year.

Shenzhen: The second largest port in China, on the Pearl River, with different types of cargo assigned to designated zones.

Ningbo-Zhoushan: Formed by the merger of two ports, Ningbo and Zhoushan, and takes in supplies of raw material, cargo and many finished products from North & South America.

Guangzhou: Another port located on the Pearl River delta that trades with 80 nations, boasting 4500 berths and 2400 anchorage points.

Others include Hong Kong, Qingdao, Dalian, Tainjin, Xiamen, Yingkou, Xingang, Fozhou and more.

China Freight Forwarding
KG Logistics Air Freight

Air freight

Air freight from China to the UK can take between 3 and 4 days as part of a transhipment, in which the goods or containers travel to an intermediate destination before being moved to their final destination. A direct air freight shipment would take 1 day.

KG Logistics Sea Freight

Sea freight

Depending on the distance and type of product, sea fright shipping from China to the UK can take up to six weeks (between 35 and 42 days).

KG Logistics Rail Freight

Rail freight

Rail freight is considered a very reliable option, with shipments taking between 18 and 24 days to reach the UK from China. It is faster than sea freight shipping and costs less than air freight.

KG Logistics Road Freight

Road freight

The road freight route from China to the UK takes between 14 and 16 days. Road freight shipping is a flexible and economical option, with goods being transported via long-haul deliveries by lorries.

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