Australia Freight Forwarding

Freight from Australia to the UK

KG Logistics offer a comprehensive import freight forwarding service to help clients import from Australia.

Our sea and air freight services include: part load (LCL), full load (FCL) and all air freight for both commercial and general public clients.

We can arrange both ex works and FOB shipments depending on our clients requirements. Our specialised break bulk team can arrange both ex works and FOB shipments for all larger out of gauge cargo. We can arrange any type of air freight shipping on a door to door basis, whether your shipment is of upmost urgency or it requires a full charter of an aircraft.

Due to its South Pacific location, Australia is an important country for international shipping. Some of the key Australia’s shipping ports include:

Melbourne: Situated on the mouth of the Yarra River, this shipping port was built in 1889 and is the country’s largest container and general cargo port. It manages almost 37% of the total container trade.

Sydney: Also known as the Port of Botany, it is the second biggest container port in the country.

Fremantle: This is the busiest port in Western Australia, as it handles more than 35 million tons of cargo a year, maritime cruises, and a navy.

Adelaide: The largest port in Southern Australia, founded in 1836. It witnesses over 100 million tons of cargo as well as maritime cruises for tourists.

Brisbane: The fastest growing port in Australia, responsible for more than 28 million tons of cargo each year. It is well known for its strict environmental regulations and focus on ecological balance.

Darwin: An up and coming port as it serves as the gateway to Asia. It has become a centre for ‘Australasian’ trade, handling up to 4 million tons of cargo every year.

Others include: Hedland, Dampier, Wellington, and Newcastle.

Australia Freight Forwarding
KG Logistics Air Freight

Air freight

Air freight is ideal for importing a modest amount of goods, as it is the fastest but most expensive option.

KG Logistics Sea Freight

Sea freight

This is one of the most advantageous transport solutions for importers/exporters to and from Australia. While it is slower than rail or air freight, it is more cost effective and especially in the case of large shipments.

KG Logistics Rail Freight

Rail freight

In comparison to sea freight, rail transport is more expensive yet a much faster solution.

KG Logistics Road Freight

Road freight

Road freight shipping is a flexible and economical option, with goods being transported via long-haul deliveries by lorries.

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